Solar Water Pumps

Solar Water Pumping System for Agriculture. A Big step to Better, Healthier & Efficient Farming.

Due to lack of grid-connected electricity in many parts of the country, a large number of diesel pump sets are being used for the purpose of irrigation. The operating cost of diesel pump sets is increasing day by day which is worrisome to the farmers. The Solar Photovoltaic Water Pumping Systems can easily meet the irrigation requirements of land holdings for small and marginal farmers. These systems will help you to avoid travelling long distances for procuring and transporting diesel as also increasing the cropping intensity.
In line with government’s programme of promoting solar pumping systems, Sunsynthesis helps you in installing suitable solar water pumping solution as per the requirement & in getting the subsidy along with bank loan facility.

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Knowledge-Base for Solar Powered Water Pumps:

Definition: Solar Powered Water Pump(alternative names include Solar Pumpset, Solar Water Pumping System, Solar Pump) is a Pumping system which provides water by using Solar Energy generated by photovoltaic panels. It helps to Reduce the Carbon Footprints from our Environment, cost for procuring & transporting the fuel and it helps to Maximizes the Cropping Intensity. It is like a "One Time Investment" for your hard earned money and worthy from both perspectives Economically and Environmentally.

A Solar Water Pumping System consists of 3 major parts and they are:

1. Photovoltaic Panels
2. Pump Motor
3. Pump System Controller

Apart from these parts the system also requires Cables, Circuit Breakers and other neccessary tools to install it completely. You can check this awesome DIY from Instructables which makes this whole process so easy to understand. You will get the whole picture of installing a Solar Pumpset, what are the tools, skills and parts required for installing it? How it is profitable for Farmers in both type of Nations; Developed and Developing? and Why you should go for a Solar Water pump System?

How many liters of water can be produced by using 5 HP Solar Pump Set?

A 5 HP Solar Water Pump System can produce about 1,20,000 liters water everyday.

Solar Water Pump Price:

A Solar Water Pumping System can cost you around 3,25,000 INR. This cost is not exact as it varies & depends on the requirements. If you are looking for the Exact Price Quotations for 1 HP solar water pump price/3 HP solar water pump price in india/5HP solar water pump price/10 HP solar water pump price india/shakti solar water pump price/solar pump set price list then click on Solar Pump Price and fill the form. You will recieve the Price Quotation for all Solar Water Pumping systems to your email.