Solar FAQs

Who can Opt for Solar Energy Solutions? How much area Required? How much Electricity can be generated? Find all your Answers Here.

1) What is a solar PV system ?
A Solar Photovoltaic system, generally called as solar PV system is a functional setup that generates electricity with the help of sunlight.

2) Who can install solar power plant?
Any person who requires electric power and has enough shadow free space can install the solar power plant. Ex: Industries, hotels, residence etc.

3) What is the area required to put solar panels?
Considering different kind of roofs and sites, a 1 kW system requires 100 sq.ft. of shadow free area.

4) How much solar electricity can be generated in one day?
The daily generation of solar power plants keeps on varying depending on the weather conditions. On an average of a year period, a 1 kW system will produce ~4 units of electricity per day.

5) We have slope roof area. Is it suitable for solar?
Yes, it is possible, provided the slope is towards south direction. Slope roofs in other directions are also feasible if the slope angle is less than 5⁰.

6) What are the different types of systems available in rooftop solar?
A) rooftop solar PV system can be configured in different ways depending on the requirement.
- a) Battery based rooftop solar PV system
B) Grid tie rooftop solar PV system
C) Hybrid rooftop solar PV system

7) Can we sell solar power back to the grid?
Yes, it is possible. Various state governments have their own solar policies for rooftop clients and a metering mechanism, which helps you to sell the power back to the grid.

8) What is Net-Metering?
Net-Metering helps you in selling the solar power back into the grid after self consumption. Here the consumer should use the solar power generated and if there is any excess solar power after self-consumption, you are free to export the power. Based on the tariff fixed in state policy, you get payment from the DISCOM.

9) What is Gross-Metering?
Gross-Metering allows you to export all the solar power generated from the system, without any self consumption. Again, based on the tariff fixed in state policy, you get payment from the DISCOM for the units you are exported.

10) Who will take care of getting the approvals?
Sunsynthesis as an EPC partner takes care of complete liaising work on behalf of our clients and you just have to pay the associated government fees for the same.

11) What are the major components of a solar pv system?
Solar PV Panels: Generates electricity from sunlight. Inverter: Converts DC power generated by solar panels to AC power and supplies to the load. Structures: Panels will be mounted on solar specific structures, which in turn will be fixed to the roof.

12) How much savings can I make by installing solar PV system?
The savings from solar power plants varies from one user to other, based on different parameters. You can contact us to get a free quote with savings calculations done for your application.

13) How often should we clean the panels?
It is fine even if you clean the panels once in a month, based on your location. In a dusty environment, we recommend to clean the panels as and when it is required. In cleaning, you have to put water and can wash it with smooth material ensuring that it is not creating any scratches.

14) What are the maintenance activities involved in solar PV system?
In a grid tie systems, there is zero maintenance apart from cleaning panels. In a battery-based configuration, one has to replace the distilled water in the batteries as per the schedule.