Solarize your Existing UPS System in just 5 Easy Steps

Your Existing UPS System can be easily converted to Battery based Solar PV System in these 5 Easy Steps.

solarize existing ups system

For many of us when we hear Power cut or Load Shedding, it will not be a worrisome as we are adjusted to it by making some kind of alternatives.

Home UPS systems are of helpful in this. However, when the load shedding increases, or if the utility power bill is too high, we again start searching for possible alternatives.

A rooftop solar PV system is of great use to reduce the electricity bills and also to act as a backup. However, the normal reply what we get from a buyer is:

“I want to go for a battery based solar power system for my residence. But the high investment is holding me back.”

“I have recently invested on an UPS backup system. So again I don’t want to replace it with battery based solar PV system.”

To address the above issues and to help our clients go for solar, we are adding a new product under our services, with which one can use solar energy to charge the UPS inverter system without any replacement.

By doing so, a client gets multiple advantages as listed below:

1.       Reduced initial investment: A typical off grid solar PV system costs more due to the use of solar specific batteries and inverter. With this innovative charge controller, you can easily modify the functionality of your existing UPS system and hence the capital cost required will be reduced to a greater extent.

2.       Easy Integration: The charge controller can be integrated with the existing UPS system with minimal added work, where as to opt for a complete off grid solar PV system, wiring rework is required to segregate the loads.

3.       Display Unit: This innovative charge controller comes with a small display unit where you can have a track of solar unit generations. Thus helps in avoiding a separate generation monitoring unit.      

4.       Reduced Power Bills: The device helps in reducing the electricity bills with less initial investment and quick ROI.

5.       Fully Automated: Once the batteries are fully charged, the excess solar power is diverted towards the load automatically, thereby reducing the power consumption from the utility.

If there is no enough solar to charge the batteries, it will automatically import grid power to make sure the batteries are kept charged all the time.

Convert your existing UPS into a solar powered backup system in 5 easy steps as shown in the above infographics. Contact us at +918722993069 or email us at to know more about the solar PV system.

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