Solar Solutions: 6 Simple steps to Clean Solar Panels

Solar Panel Cleaning Solution in 6 Easy Steps

Solar panels are helpful to transfer the solar energy into electricity; though they do not require much of maintenance they do require some cleanliness.

Solar panels are easy to clean, there are many solar solutions companies which offer maintenance and help you to clean solar panels.

Solar Solutions: Solar Panels can be Cleaned in the following 6 Steps

  • Purchase a solar panel cleaning kit – the companies offering solar solutions have their own cleaning kit. You can even purchase this kit from them or at the time of the actual solar purchase. It includes different types of Brush, the Liquid Solution and Equipments to clean.


  • Mix the soap with the water – These solar cleaning kits include a soap liquid solution to clean the panel. Mix this with water and make sure you use the proper amount of solution. It will be mentioned on the bottle itself.


  • Scrub – Dip the wiper into solution mixture of water and soap and then gently rub it over the Rooftop Solar Panels. Make sure you are not pressuring the panel and the solution is not too watery.


  • Use wiper – Wipe the solution liquid from the solar panel and with a dry wiper while the solution is still wet. Make sure you do this and have gentle strokes over your solar panel. The solar solution companies offer you with maintenance services in case you cannot handle the cleaning of the panel on your own.


  • Use sponge – in case you feel scared to use a tough wiper to clean the solar panel you can even use a sponge instead. Using a sponge is safe but it will take more time for you to clean the entire solar panel. A solar solution companies send you professionals.


  • Let it dry- after the solution is whipped with the wiper or a sponge let it dry for some time. After the solution dries up make sure you wipe it again with a dry cloth to give it a final touch. This is the most important part of the cleaning as it will help you to avoid any soap liquid left all over the solar panel.


Cleaning solar panel is very important; repeat this activity at least once in three month. The solar panels must not have a coat of dust on them and since they are out in open spaces them being dirty is highly possible.

You can even hire a professional to clean solar panels, many companies offering solar solutions are now even giving maintenance packages to their customers.

The maintenance cost is very low even when you use a professional’s assistance so it is suggested to have a professional’s assistance. Solution companies of solar panels are even selling solar panels with cleaning kits and other accessories for maintenance you can even purchase them to keep your solar panel clean and in a working condition for a longer time.

Check out this Awesome Video by Nate Gulbransen of Westcoast Solar Energy about “Using Proper Tools & Techniques to clean a Rooftop Solar Array”.

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  1. Thanks for the insight on Cleaning of solar panels. It has been estimated that regular cleaning of solar panels improves the efficient of the system by as much as 15-20%

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