Solar Powered Water Pump and its Types

What is Solar Powered Water Pump and their types and how much they cost?

Using renewable sources of energy is the best way to save on the exhausting ones and Money. They are not only Eco–Friendly but also requires less of monitoring and maintenance cost. The Solar Powered Water Pump price is also in budget and can be easily installed. Click here to know the Price of Solar Pumping System.

What is a Solar Powered Water Pump exactly?

solar powered pumping system

Solar-powered pumps are nothing but using solar energy to pump water for different purposes.  People usually use it for irrigation in the areas with no proper infrastructure as the water can be pumped to a decent length of distance.

The life of a solar powered water pump can last for about 20 years and this is like an asset to the people. And the best part of this is that these solar powered water pumps do not even require much of maintenance cost. Their maintenance cost is very low and you need not require constant monitoring as well.

The solar pump price is also reasonable and varies according to your requirements and accessories one wants following are the components of the solar powered water pump

  • Solar Panels – They are the one that absorb the solar energy and convert into electrical form.
  • Pump Set – The pump set is used to generate electricity stored in power panels.
  • Electric Motor – The solar powered pumps are used for AC and DC current and
  • Controller – controller is used to adjust the speed and the output power.

Types of Solar Power Water Pumps:

  • Surface water pump – This type of water pumps are the best when it comes for lifting and pumping water which can be from a maximum depth of 20 meters.
  • Submersible water pump – This type of pump can be used in an area/ place where the water is stored at very high depth rate and there is no other source of water like open source or hand pumps extra. The maximum level of depth is about 50 meters. And this is one of the best ways to reach out to the water.


The solar pump price is also reasonable and varies according to the one you choose and your requirements and the purpose the solar pump is going to serve. One cannot just serve a purpose of the other. Make sure that you prefer quality of the solar pump to make it serve as an asset and last longer.

Solar pump price differs on quality as well, so double check the quality of the pump and the accessories they have to offer to know if they are self sufficient as per as your need.

There are many suppliers of solar pumps which offer you good quality and average rate. The solar pump price also differs on the basis of it being portable and permanent installation. Make sure you know which one is the one you need and will be beneficial for you and in case you lack clarity about your need then choose the portable solar pump.

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