Solar Panels – The Money and the Environment Saviour

Innovative Solar Panels for Home & Commercial Purposes

In addition to being the ultimate source of life on earth, the sun is also an infinitely renewable and a completely pollution-free resource for generating electricity. Thus, now instead of obtaining fuels from the ground, and burning it up, the solar panels has become more preferable, because of its deficiency of emitting harmful gases.

Do you want to know, How you can save a huge money by installing a solar system? Come on let’s look up on some of the facts and info about the solar panels. Also check out our various Solar FAQ’s to get familiar with Solar Panels & how they work & how they will be worth for you and our Environment.

Solar panel

A solar panel consists of a collection of photo voltaic cells, spread over a wide area, in one or two layers of silicon based semiconductor wafers, to generate electricity from the sunlight. A photo voltaic system, generally includes an array of solar panels, a solar inverter, solar tracker, battery and interconnecting wires.

They can be used to power-up various devices such as Solar Water Pumps, Solar Street Lights, Solar Water Heaters, remote power systems, telecommunication equipment, remote sensing tools, and in the production of solar power systems, to generate electricity. For home/commercial solar power systems, they are usually placed on the roof of the buildings, where they could receive sufficient sunlight.

You can also opt for Customized Solar Panels Structures which can installed as per the site requirement.

At Sunsynthesis Rooftop Solar Panels can be installed on all kind of roofs; such as Concrete Flat Roof, Sheet Roof, Tile Roof, etc with minimal rework & with the lowest capital cost associated with the system.

How a Solar Panel (PV) Cell performs?

PV cells are made of semi-conducting materials, usually silicon; which is composed of an ultra-thin layer of phosphorous-doped (N-type) silicon, coated-up with a thicker layer of boron-doped (P-type) silicon. The unit of a PV cell is measured in terms of kilowatts, which hits an extreme energy level while exposed to sunlight. Thus, when the sunlight strikes the surface of a PV cell, an electric field is produced by the momentum of the light-stimulated electrons, resulting in a flow of current, when the solar cell is connected to an electrical load.

A moderate roof space is enough, to place a 1 KW power producing solar power system, for home requirements. A well-balanced solar power grid generates power during the day time, which pays off the electricity usage at the nights. This array of solar panels sends out a DC current, to be saved on a battery, which could be used for household purposes through an inverter, which manages to convert the DC current into an alternating current (AC).

Benefits of a Solar Panel

It does not release any harmful carbon-dioxide or any other harmful pollutants. As we all know that, the sunlight is available free of cost and hence, we need to pay only for the initial installation of the solar panel, which could be absolutely reduce of the electricity bills.

The main benefit of the solar energy, is that it could easily be deployed for both commercial and domestic users, where it does not require a huge set-up, as in the case of wind energy.

Here, the electricity bill does not depend on the smaller or larger size of the panel, which has been installed. It depends up on the modular technology which is used in this system. In some panels, the energy payback time is below five years, whereas, the other panels has the capacity to produce electricity for more than 25 years.

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