Bescom Net Metering – How it Works & Benefits?

BESCOM Net Metering Guide with Official Memorandum (PDF)

You can download the PDF below with Official Memorandum by BESCOM.

Download BESCOM Net Metering Guide with Official Memorandum PDF

What is Net Metering?

Net Metering (alternative names include BESCOM Net Metering and Solar PV Net Metering) is the process of Calculating the Excess Energy Generated by the Solar Rooftop Plant & Injecting it to the Grid for Future Purpose.

Definition by BESCOM: The Energy generated by the Solar Rooftop Plant is first allowed for self-consumption and the excess energy is injected to the Grid.

Net metering is one of the most beneficial ways to reduce the cost of your electricity bills and even save on the non-renewable sources. The Bangalore authority(BESCOM) is now working on the net metering policies in the Karnataka state.

The BESCOM net metering is constantly promoting the households in Bangalore to put solar energy on their rooftops. This will enable you to produce your own solar electricity and give the extra unwanted electricity produced to the Bangalore electricity supply company limited.

The BESCOM has even invited bids from some manufacturing companies to this field and help them to build the solar energy into electricity.

Following are the Net Metering benefits: 

Utility pressure – The pressure on the utility companies to produce and deliver electricity to all the households will considerably reduce. The companies can now divert the electricity to the place which is more productive and useful areas to get the best output.

Solar energy – Solar energy, the renewable source of energy which is available to us in plenty amount and is a never ending source can now be put into action. So solar energy is one of the best ways to reduce cost.

Saving on mother earth – Using sources of energy like solar energy is like going green and saving on mother earth. It helps us to save on the non-renewable sources of energy and the fossil fuels etc.

Incentives – The BESCOM net metering policies are promoting people to put in solar energy in their house. They are giving the net benefit to the people as they will only be paying the net amount of the electricity used.

Low maintenance – low maintenance, solar panel does not require any maintenance. The cost associated with it is very low. One can even ask for solar solution companies to send professional help for you to help clean the solar panels from time to time.

Asset – Solar panels are like asset as they are durable and long lasting. One can even choose solar panels which are portable to use them anywhere and everywhere. Net metering if tied with solar panels help you to save your money for at least next 25 years in one go.



BESCOM net metering is one of the prime reasons that people are nowadays indulging into solar power energy.  This is helping the people to avoid the increasing and excessive pollution in the country.

Bangalore board has been considerably working on this to make sure that people are working towards saving the non- renewable sources of energy. And utilizing the solar energy to produce electricity and even supply to the state board.

This will help them to save on the unconventional sources of energy and go green instead.

BESCOM net metering recently came up with many new policies in order to boost domestic as well as commercial use of solar energy to produce electricity by giving them incentives and showing reductions in their overheads and electricity cost.

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