About Us

Sunsynthesis is involved in harnessing the power of Sun in all the known possible forms. Sunsynthesis is a young and dynamic company where the efforts are made to meet the client’s requirement by understanding the problem and finding the best solution that is possible. With strong technical in house team, Sunsynthesis have successfully executed a number of projects related to solar energy. The team at Sunsynthesis works with a single goal of utilizing the sun’s natural energy for the human needs. Sunsynthesis offers its products and services in the entire solar energy domain. Be it a large solar power plant for an industry or a small solar street light for a residence, Sunsynthesis helps you in providing the right solution as a single point of contact.



To enable common man to be an energy independent by adopting renewable energy and more efficient technologies which makes our planet greener & more sustainable. To commit for quality, constant innovation and continuous improvisation.


We dedicate ourselves, with our talented & trained team to provide customers with natural & sustainable energy solutions, relevant technology, at affordable price, with high quality products, deliver quality services that contributes to better and greener world.


The team at Sunsynthesis consist of people from various background having experience in the domain of engineering, R&D and marketing. The team at Sunsynthesis is committed to serving the company’s vision and shares a common bond of passion towards Renewable Energy among the team.


Sunsynthesis cares its customers. Here the customers always gets more than what they expect. Irrespective of the system size Sunsynthesis provides the generation guarantee for the solar power plants as it promises the quality. Also Sunsynthesis clients gets many add-ons on the system which includes plant insurance, online monitoring system, government subsidies and bank loans among others. At Sunsynthesis documentation and archiving the project details follows international standards. Sunsynthesis adopts new technologies available in the market to make sure the clients gets the best solution. The projects at Sunsynthesis are executed based on following three steps: Achieving Excel in Engineering with the skilled man power; By Prioritizing the Procurement based on quality; Customizing the Construction based on site conditions.