At Sunsynthesis, one can expect a Comprehensive Solar Solutions that saves Time, Money and Environment. The more Solar Products go live, the lesser Carbon Footprints we will have. Sunsynthesis focus area of providing Solar Solution includes On & Off Grid Solar PV Systems, Solar Power Plants, Rooftop Solar Panels or PV Systems, Solar Home Lightning Solutions, Solar Water Pumping Systems and Solar Water Heating systems across the sectors such as corporate, government, agriculture and domestic market. Sunsynthesis works with Reputed Manufacturers of System Components from across the World and in India to deliver aptly Engineered and highly Efficient PV Solar Power Solutions to their Customers.

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Know More about On & Off Grid Solar Systems, Net Metering & Their Benefits

We are often asked about off grid solar system and on grid solar system from our Customers and what are their advantages?

As the name suggests, Off Grid Solar System is completely Independent from Electricity Supply in your Home/Office, where On Grid Solar System depends completely on your Electricity Supply.

Yes, now you got it right. If you opt for an On Grid Solar System, there will be no backup while Power Cuts, Breakdown or Load Setting from your Electricity Board because of absence of the Storage/Battery to store generated electricity from the Solar Panels, which means if Electricity went off, you will be out of light. However, you can continue using your Battery Inverter as you were using before in case of Power Cuts.

In On Grid Solar Energy PV System the Solar System is connected with the nearby Grid provided by your Electricity Board, hence the wiring system will be the same in your premises, there will be no alteration in your Premises Wiring System. Whatever extra Electricity you will produce, that will be distributed to the nearby Grid and you will get the credit in your billing cycle of 1 month according to your State Board Policy & the PPA Agreement you signed at the time of Verification & Documentation for applying Solar Energy System for your Home/Office. You can check your State Board Policy here for Rooftop Solar Panels.

Now, what about Off Grid Solar System and how it works?

Well, the application of Off Grid Solar PV(Photo Voltaic) System mostly takes place in Electricity Shortage area as this system requires Batteries to store Electricity which can be used once there is a Power Cut. In Off Grid Solar Photo Voltaic System Wiring should be done seperately and only Few Appliances will work.

So, the Purpose of On Grid Solar System is to Reduce your Electricity Billsin less Electricity Shortage Area, where an Off Grid Solar System provides Electricity to Remote Areas where Electricity Shortage is More.

In City like Bangalore where there is very less Electricity Shortage, On Grid Solar System is the best option for people who are living here permanently. Sunsynthesis is a Young and Dynamic Solar Company in Bangalore with Strong Technical In-House team, whose main Goal is to meet the Clients Requirement and provide them the best Solar Solutions. The more Solar Energy Products will get live, the lesser Carbon Footprints we will leave on our Planet and this will definitely help our Earths Environment to Heal Globally.

If you want to know about Bescom Net Metering-and How it Works & their Benefits? Check out our Latest Post with detailed info about it at Sunsynthesis Blog.

At Sunsynthesis, we take care of all the Required Approvals on behalf of you from the Government to Install Solar PV System in stipulated Time Period, after your site is Verified by our Site Engineer. Hence, there is very less Harrasment for all Sunsynthesis Customers to Apply for our Innovative Solar PV Systems. The process of getting the Solar System up and running includes a signing of PPA(Power Purchase Agreement) Agreement between the Customer & BESCOM(for Bangalore City) under Net-Metering Policy.

Once, the installation is done your existing typical Electricity Meter will be replaced by a bi-directional meter to track import/export of Electricity from the Grid.

If you have produced more electricity than you usually use per day, that extra electricity will get exported to the Grid and you will get the credit from BESCOM as indicated in PPA Agreement.

We also often asked about how much money we can expect to save from our Rooftop Solar Panels System. Well, to answer this question we need to take an example, however it totally depends on various factors such as "In which state you are residing?", "type of connection", etcetra, etcetra.

So, lets take an example of a house where daily consumption is 10 units (kWh) of Electricity with a 2 kW Solar Engery PV System installed on the Rooftop. Which will Cost around 2 Lac INR with an average Lifetime of 25 years, so that costed him 8000 INR/Year. A 2 kW Solar System can easily provide 8 units (kWh) of Electricity per day. Which means you only need to pay for the rest of the 2 Units imported from the Grid and that will be 240 INR instead of INR 1200 on average figure of 4rs/Unit Charge, which is 80% of Saving in your Electricity Bill. Now, if you found 80% Saving of your Money Beneficial for you OR you have any doubt, Fill this Form to get your Site Surveyed for FREE and get a FREE Quotation with Expert Advice and detailed info to you.

difference between on grid and off grid solar system

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